The Beginning

The company was founded in 1950 in the heart of footwear Aversa.
It was created by a family member Coscione which initially produced exclusively male footwear inside a small structure, using a single machine.
It was actually a workshop in the tradition of manufacturing the Campania region.
The attention to detail, the aesthetic, the craftsmanship since the early years of the birth of our shoes are a product of the highest quality.
It was the dawn of what will become an example of a highly entrepreneurial company firmly tied to Made in Italy.

From father to son ...

We are in the late 70's, early 80's when the reins of the company passed into the hands of the very young Raphael Coscione, "nephew" and his father's footsteps and father of Angelo, director of the shoe factory.
Raffale, grew between leathers and fabrics, playing with the tools to be a shoemaker under the guidance of his grandfather and father, keeps all the secrets "of the trade" handed down from generation to generation making that remain intact oldest craft traditions bells that make each shoe Co . Raf a small work of art.

The "Ideal" Work

The processing seam Ideal , has always been a strength of Calzaturificio Co.Raf , is a traditional process: the seams can be single or double and in some cases even triple.
  The leather upper is joined to the insole through vertical seams, the insole is anchored by transverse seams as it happens with Goodyear.
The upper prepared with the outer edges glued and pressed on a special midsole, is then stitched by means of a machine called rapid.
The wire, then once cotton, nylon or synthetic material, is passed through a 'special boiler where there is the pitch melted, to guarantee total of sealing of the wires and holes.
This processing is used for footwear of high quality and to work shoes.
Furthermore bending and torsion are average degree, obtained by means of an insole reinforced.

Co.Raf Today

  • Today the company continues in the tradition footwear bell, in a synergistic interpretation of past and future with the help of Raffaele
  • Coscione e Angelo,his son; Comparison of two generations, always ready to give your "touch" every product Co.Raf.
  • The factory in more than 60 years has grown with new "labor force", with the need to move the company in the area
  • industrial Aversa Nord, becoming an example of great entrepreneurial spirit tied firmly to the Made in Italy.

Angelo Coscione

Angelo Coscione's Interview

What are the real values ​​of a craftsman?
Our world is always running and pauses to reflect a little, he has lost the value of quality and the pleasure of creative art, here, in this niche old and comfortable, fits my ideal of being craftsman.
Craftsman means first of all be aware of.
Deep understanding of how to create a shoe, every step, every alternative that does not compromise the creation in its entirety.
Deep knowledge of shapes, deep knowledge of leathers and fabrics, their characteristics, how they are selected, cut, prepared, treated. Be artisans means first of all understanding.
A craftsman loves to touch, contemplate and work at their own pace .. enjoys with shining eyes gazing its creation just ended .. This thought is the basis of all our creations, had at some point conflict with the needs and demands of the modern market .. its trends, its fashions of his time. From this confrontation initially painful, was born what I call a modern craftsman.
It 'a man who can motivate people by giving them the opportunity to participate in an ambitious project, exclusive and rewarding.
Able to split the creation into many small pieces to put together a team that must specialize in handcrafted piece of assigned only by sending the same time the importance of his work for the realization of the perfect mosaic.
  This is the soul of CORAF today.
  A company with a strong belief, a team of craftsmen with a modern vision.